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Ernest Shand
23 Guitar Solos from Victorian England

Stanley Yates Series, Mel Bay Publications Inc., 2000, 79 pages.

"This exceptional a collection of music that all guitarists
should own. This is a collection you play through for the sheer joy of music making.
It reminds us of why we love the guitar and wanted to play it in the first place" 

Classical Guitar, England

"...a welcome addition to the Romantic guitar repertoire..." 
Guitar Aktuel, Germany

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About this Edition:

Ernest Shand (1868-1924), the leading figure amongst the guitarists of Victorian England, is known today for only a handful of the many pieces published during his lifetime. This edition of 23 pieces, taken from his output of 220 opus numbers, reveals a guitar composer of great originality and charm who had a gift for spinning an infectious melody. While, in form and general character, Shand's style is reminiscent of the piano miniatures of such contemporaries as Grieg or MacDowell, at times of Chopin, his sentimental melodies and colourful harmonies impart a unique Victorian flavor which seems to echo the sing-along anthems and nostalgia of the English music halls.

This retypeset edition is based on the original publications of Shand's music contained in the Bickford Collection housed at the International Guitar Research Archive, California State University, Northridge, CA. All of Shand's original fingerings are reproduced, and are augmented with easily distinguishable editorial fingerings which suggest solutions for passages left unfingered in the originals or that provide alternatives to those original fingerings that may prove problematic for the modern player.

The edition also includes commentary relating to Shand's life, his musical style, and his performance technique.


"a welcome addition to the romantic guitar repertoire currently available...
their independent character differs agreeably from the overly familiar
classics which are heard again and again"

Guitar Aktuel, Germany

"I had never heard or played this composer's music before,
and I must say I was delighted."

Boston Guitar Society Newsletter


Dance Capriccio, Op. 28
Fantasie Irlandaise, Op. 59
Andante expressivo, Op. 60
Tsigane, Op. 66
Sorrow and Song, Op. 70
The Gnomes, Op. 77
Dance Antique, Op. 88
Funeral March, Op. 89
Hungarian Dance, Op. 96
Morceau lyrique No. 1, Op. 97
Cradle Song, Op. 99
Morceau lyrique No. 2, Op. 104
Impromptu, Op. 108
Marche triumphale, Op. 109
Morceau lyrique No. 3, Op. 111
Legende, Op. 201
Au coin de feu, Op. 202
Varsovie mazurka, Op. 204
Introduction et chanson, Op. 220
Forever (WoO)
Prelude et Impromptu, WoO
Study from Op. 19 (from Op. 100)
Study from Op. 43 (from Op. 100)