Stanley Yates - Recordings



Graded Repertoire for Guitar
(book 2)

Stanley Yates Series, Mel Bay Publications Inc., 2004, 88 pages.

New Dec. 2004

Easy-Intermediate music by Aguado, Ali, Bach, Calvi, Carcassi, Carolan,
Carulli, Cutting, Dowland, Fuhrman, Garcia, Giuliani, Houghton, Hudson,
Koshkin, Kuffner, Mertz, Murcia, Nava, Rak, Ribayez, Seth, Shand, Sor,
Tesar, Visée, Yates, York
and Zenamon.

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Features of this Edition:

  • compiled with the aim of providing classical guitar students the most musically attractive, stylistically comprehensive, and inspring music available, while at the same time realistically meeting the pedagogical needs of teachers

  • 70 of the most representative and attractive pieces of the student repertoire, including both well-known pieces and works not to be found in similar collections

  • introductory text and practice tips

  • didactic index

  • arranged by style period: 1) early-traditional; 2) classic-romantic; 3) contemporary


Contents (by style period)


Ali - Flamenco Suite (5 pieces)
Garcia - Amour Soucoupier
Houghton - Passacaglia
   Duke's Tune

Hudson - Ancestral Bells
Koshkin - Le pelerin
Rak - The Old Castle
Seth - Myron's Storm
Tesar - Ballad
Yates - Polka
   Etude mécanique No. 5
   E-Jam Blues

York - Sherry's Waltz
Zenamon -
   La luna y el sol

The Greenland Whale Fishery
Deck the Halls
God Rest ye merry Gentlemen

Anon - A Toye
   Kemp's Jig
   The Sick Tune
   Wilson's Wilde
Bach - Minuet in G
Musette in C
Calvi - Tordiglione

Carolan - Ode to Whiskey
   Sheebeg an Sheemore
Cutting - Packington's Pound
Dowland - Orlando Sleepeth
Fuhrman -  Tanz
Murcia - La tia y la sobrina
Ribayez  - 4 Dances from Baroque Spain
Visee -  Menuet

Aguado - Study in a-mi (1)
   Study in a-mi (2)

Carcassi - Andantino Grazioso in A
   (from op. 59)
   3 Arpeggio Studies (op. 59)

   Moderato in C (from op. 59)  
Carulli - Allegro agitato in d-mi
   (from op. 192)
  3 Preludes (from op. 114)
   Larghetto in e-mi (from op. 192)
   Larghetto in e-mi (from op. 241)
   Moderato in b-mi (from op. 192)
   Rondo in G (from op. 27)
   Siciliana in a-mi (from op; 241)

Giuliani - Andantino in C (op. 139, no. 1)
   Andantino in e-mi (op. 51 no. 5)
Kuffner - Cossaca (op. 80, no. 22)
- Moderato in a-mi
   Nocturne (from op. 4)

Nava - Allemande (Study in A)
epeated-Note (tremolo) Study
Shand - Gavotte (from op. 100)
   Lento (from op. 100)
   Study in e-mi (from op. 100)
   Valse in G (from op. 100)
   Valse in A (from op. 100)

Sor - Andante in a-mi (op. 35 no. 14)
   Andante in b-mi (op 31 no. 4)
   Cantabile in d-mi (op. 44, no. 17)
   Moderato in C (op. 44 no. 6)
   Study in e-mi (op. 31 no. 6)