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Stepan Rak
Guitar Music (vol. 1)

Stanley Yates Series, Mel Bay Publications Inc., 1999, 69 pages.

        "...nothing Western compares with it, nothing has this incredible
force and energy."

"This book brings before everyone the work of a very special musician - 
an inspired writer with an immense array of brilliant techniques to interest, 
entertain and astonish. Good to see these excellent works in print at last"

Classical Guitar, England.

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About this Edition

Czech guitarist and composer Stepan Rak is regarded one of the most creative and innovative guitarists active today. Eclectic and unique, his music combines depth of expression with technical innovation and brilliant virtuosity. Most importantly, it is music that speaks with a direct and powerful voice. Despite numerous recordings and published editions, however, much of Rak's best music remains unpublished or unavailable. The present multi-volume edition makes available some of the most outstanding compositions of one of the guitar's most innovative composers.

This first volume contains five concert works written between 1986-89, each displaying a unique facet of Rak's compositional style.  



Elegy - Hommage a Sibelius
The Czech Fairy Tales
Aria de Bohemia
Song for David
Sonata Mongoliana