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The Contemporary Guitar
An Anthology of New Music for Guitar

Stanley Yates Series, Mel Bay Publications Inc., 2001, 102 pages.

"a weighty anthology of new music...." 
Classical Guitar Magazine

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About this Edition

Music by Delpriora, Gilardino, Hudson, Johanson, Kenyon, Marron, Mearns, Ourkouzounov, Piorkowski and Van der Veen.  

This collection of new music, written by composers who are, or have been, performing guitarists themselves, presents a collection of intermediate to advanced concert works that explores the musical and technical diversity of the contemporary guitar. Each composer offers a unique musical and technical perspective of what the contemporary guitar is --  the harmonic language ranges from jazz to atonality, the stylistic one from blues to minimalism, the cultural one from Eastern European to Celtic.


"guitarist-composers composing for guitarists -- a journey around 
the world with contemporary music
...exciting work for long 
evenings filled with outrageous sounds..."
Gitarre Aktuell, Germany.



Mark DELPRIORA Etude No. 5
Angelo GILARDINO Winterzeit (after Robert Schumann)
Roger HUDSON Blues Suite
Bryan JOHANSON Variations on a Finnish Folksong
Stephen KENYON Caer Meini
James MARRON Winter Scenes
The Slope
Alan MEARNS Tolkein Gesture
Atanas OURKOUZOUNOV Ostinatoccata
Derk van der VEEN Hora